Will painting your teeth pink be the next big beauty trend?

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Chrom Tooth Polish on Instagram. Image: Instagram/@Chromtoothpolish

Forget about flashing your pearly whites this holiday season: rainbow-colored teeth are in, apparently.

The latest offbeat beauty trend is for teeth that have been painted a colorful hue, such as pink, green, or even metallic copper, thanks to the launch of Chrom Temporary Tooth Polish.

The product, which acts like a nail polish but for your gnashers, can be used to color in your entire mouth, or just highlight one or two “accent teeth.” The formula, which lasts for up to 24 hours but can be removed in seconds, claims to be both smudge-free and taste-free, and comes in ten vibrant shades.

“We see this becoming commonplace — everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent,” the brand’s creator, David Silverstein, told the New York Post. He added: “Perhaps you go to work with one tooth [that] matches your nail polish or your hair color.”

If blue teeth isn’t an interesting enough look for you, don’t panic: according to the publication, a glitter version of the product is also in the works.

The beauty trend for all things rainbow-colored has been dominating the industry for some time now, with “rainbow hair” turning into a major craze, thanks to various reincarnations such as “Brony hair”, which was inspired by the 1980s TV franchise “My Little Pony”, “LaCroix Hair” inspired by the soda water brand’s candy-hued packaging, and neon hair which rose to prominence in the summer of last year. CC

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