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If you only have a short while in Miami and don’t know what to do, here are some ideas you may not have considered when planning your trip.

Visit the Biltmore Hotel

[Photo by Melissa Mederos via]

Whether you choose to stay there or not, the Biltmore Hotel is definitely worth a visit. This iconic building has been designated a National Historic Landmark, and features an interesting and diverse history. Some say the hotel is haunted, which may not be surprising given its history as a hospital during and after World War II before it was turned back into a hotel in 1987. The building has held a number of records over the years, including being the tallest building in Florida and having the world’s largest swimming pool! You may also recognize it from movies and TV shows like Bad Boys, CSI: Miami and Miami Vice.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

[Photo by Shumaila Gregory via]

This 50-acre estate contains Villa Vizcaya, 10 acres of Italian Renaissance formal gardens and 40 acres of native forest. Set in picturesque Biscayne Bay, Villa Vizcaya formerly belonged to wealthy businessman John Deering, but these days it’s publicly owned and accessible to all. Inside the museum you’ll find a range of stunning interiors and plenty of European art and antique furnishings. Just like the Biltmore Hotel, you might recognise this building from it’s appearances on screen; notably Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bad Boys II, and Iron Man 3.

The Bobblehead Museum at Marlins Park

[Photo by Fred Kerner via]

If you’re looking for an offbeat attraction, head to the Bobblehead Museum at Marlins Park. What good are bobbleheads that are stuck in a display case? Well, the whole structure moves slightly, causing the heads to bobble! There are over 700 examples of bobbleheads from players to mascots and even broadcasters. Of course, bobbleheads aren’t the only reason to visit Marlins Park. If you want to catch a ball game, tickets are available at ScoreBig.

Street Art at Wynwood Walls

[Photo by Esther Levy via]

Continuing with the off-beat theme, if you’re into street art be sure to check out the Wynwood Walls. Some of the worlds best graffiti and street artists descend on Wynwood to transform the giant, windowless warehouse walls into canvases for their works of art. More recently, the Wynwood Doors project has also started, featuring art that’s just as impressive but on a smaller scale.

The Name’s Bond. James Bond.

[Photo by Lauren Bassart via]

You might assume that one of the world’s biggest collections of James Bond memorabilia would be in dreary old England, but in truth you’ll find it in Sunny Miami at the Dezer Museum! Part of the Miami Auto Museum, the James Bond collection features not only cars but planes, bikes, skidoos, helicopters, submarines and all sorts of Bond gadgets. There’s even a T-55 Soviet tank on display!

These places are really just scratching the surface of things to do in Miami, but the best way to find things is just to get off the beaten path. Wander down side streets and see what other hidden gems you can find. If you get lost, your hotel is only a cab ride away! If you’re looking for suggestions on where to stay in Miami, my pick is EPIC.

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